Importance of Food Nutrition

Food nutrition is a key element in maintaining our overall physical well being. We must always pay attention to the foods that we eat because they will eventually impact our health, for better or for worst. We have more information available about the benefits of every particular food group than we’ve ever had before, which is why we also have a bigger responsibility than ever before to make assertive and responsible food choices.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins have each got a specific function to serve in our bodies. The key to good health lies in maintaining balanced food nutrition. Our body transforms carbohydrates to sugar that gives in the necessary energy to perform daily activities such as work, study, or exercise. Carbohydrates can be found in fruits, and in whole grain bread, pasta, and rice. Proteins are the main components of the muscles of our body. Foods that provide protein include red meat, white meat, nuts, and dairy products. Doctors recommend eating more white meat such as fish and chicken than red meat.

We must take care of our health, we must seek to achieve and maintain a strong, flexible and vital physique. I cannot emphasize enough the positive benefits that food nutrition and regular exercise have upon our emotional and physical well being. Adults should teach children healthy eating habits because when you learn something from a small age it becomes a custom and you are more likely to follow this custom for the rest of your life.